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Short How-Tos, FAQs, and More


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to the most common questions asked:

Why is my business type and county location important?
Some compliance requirements vary based on your specific location and/or business type. Statusfi then only presents those requirements that apply to your specific location and business type.

I have not previously completed one of the requirements. How do I find out more about what I should do?
Each of the checklist items also has links to help articles or guidelines. Simply, click the link(s) associated with the checklist item to access your help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are (more) answers to the most common questions asked:

How will I know when a requirement expires or should be re-certified as complete?
Your personalized compliance checklist tracks that information for you. Each completed task has two dates (). The first date shows when your first completed the task, and the second date is when the checklist items expires and requires that you re-certify its completion. As the checklist item nears its expiration, the item will begin to appear with a yellow icon to warn that it will expire soon. Once fully expired, the item will appear with a red warning icon.

I was just kicked out of Statusfi after trying to complete a task. What happened?
In an effort to ensure your dashboard reflects your current progress, users are only allowed to log into one device at a time. Most likely, you were logged into more than one device. Simply log back in on the device that you are currently using to make it the current primary device and then proceed to update the task again.

How-To Complete a Checklist Item

Step 1: Review the checklist item to determine if you have previously completed the requirement.

Step 2: If you have completed the requirement, skip to Step 4

Step 3: Review all information links to assist you in completing the requirement. Once reviewed, add the written policy, hang the poster, complete the training, or complete other necessary requirements as outlined in the dashboard task.

Step 4: Click the checkbox next to the text of the requirement.

Unchecked box:

Check this box:

This checkbox is complete and includes the completed date along with the date the requirement should be re-examined and re-checked: 

How-To Get Started and Use the Getting Started Page

If you want help on where to start improving your overall compliance, you can access the “Getting Started” page at any time.

Step 1: Access the page by clicking here.

Step 2: Click the link under the dials to access the page associated with that compliance dial.

Step 3: Complete the compliance requirements and check the associated boxes for each section.

Step 4: Follow your Getting Started progress on the Getting Started page.

Full Compliance IS Possible

Complete just one grouping per week, and your practice will have completed all the requirements included in Statusfi. Full Compliance IS Possible.